Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Please slow down...

It's an obvious thing to say but I wish the Weedude would just slow down the growing-up. This will be his third Christmas and frankly I can't really remember the previous two.
He remains a beaut of a boy - heart and soul - and does us proud wherever we go. Definitely a people person, he loves being with friends or if they're not available his invisible friend 'Tiger' - Tiger also has a mum and dad who occasionally visit or come to collect him at the end of the day. Tiger has also been known to have the occasional sleep-over.
Physically capable; like his daddy, the Weedude isn't the most resistant to coughs and sneezes.

Tilly (our old dog) has been gone for a year now. We all miss her but I do fear that L misses her the most. In part because it was her who dropped her off at the vets, with complete faith in the fact that she'd be picking her up later in the day 💔 She was a huge part of our family and got us through some really tough times (amazing what dogs can do). A rescue dog that turned into the best friend in the world.

On a more positive front, I have found a new place to go wakeboarding. The winter can be tough to maintain any motivation to get wet (UK weather) and add-in the fact that Tom (who runs the lake I have been using form the last 5yrs) buggers off to warmer climates in the winter, I struggle to drive for over a hour to use the cable at Liquid Leisure (it just lacks soul). Anyway, it seems CJM Ski and Wake might have saved my sanity. At about 40-mins away and more than happy to have L and the Weedude jump in the boat (a beaut of a Centurion) and watch me get beasted for a set. Yeh, the water is going to get colder but Chris has plans to keep the boat going all winter and as long as the lake doesn't freeze over, I'm planning on getting my feet wet that entire time.

Finally.....I'm going to get back to some proper training and do the Blenheim Triathlon again next year. With the 100km run I did last year, I lost all drive to do any running and so had a year off any athletic training. It'll not be a problem but I do seem to have forgotten how to run any distance beyond 6km and swimming more than 300m does feel like a push.

RIP Tilly - 15/11/17

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Almost two...

It was an emotional departure but I said goodbye to 'Bruce'. For the last 6yrs or so Bruce has been my reliable mess of a car. More sticker than car, he had a few faults but eventually we had to say goodbye as it was starting to turn into a pretty one sided relationship 😞

Anyway, I now have a new vehicle. Well, it's not quite new and in fact he's older than Bruce but should last me a few years of carrying kit and Weedude all over the place. What's he called I don't hear you ask - well, he's called Bil. Why; quite obviously because bil is Swedish for car 😜

In other news, ignoring the shite that is occurring on a global scale, things in the clan aren't too shabby. My little sis is giving cancer a bleddy good kicking, the sun is starting to make more of an appearance and we had the longest day of the year today - bring on the summer.

The Weedude turns 2 next month. I'm still trying to get a handle on the dad thing and so getting my head around having a 2yr old is just mental. He still gets me up far too early in the morning and I miss the ability to be selfish about how I spend my time but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't return him. Each day is something different. The last couple of days have been all about the sunnies and backpack.

Inside or out, it doesn't matter. I'm guessing in part it's because my nappy bag is a backpack and I'm always wearing sunnies in the sunshine.

Need to get my arse in gear once I'm off work and sort out Kitty (our little folding caravan). I'm sure given a couple of sunny days and I'd have her at 90% sorted but we've neither had the weather or time the last month or so. Once she's sorted and then my little fam will be able to head off for mini-adventures by the coast or lake.