Thursday, June 21, 2018

Almost two...

It was an emotional departure but I said goodbye to 'Bruce'. For the last 6yrs or so Bruce has been my reliable mess of a car. More sticker than car, he had a few faults but eventually we had to say goodbye as it was starting to turn into a pretty one sided relationship 😞

Anyway, I now have a new vehicle. Well, it's not quite new and in fact he's older than Bruce but should last me a few years of carrying kit and Weedude all over the place. What's he called I don't hear you ask - well, he's called Bil. Why; quite obviously because bil is Swedish for car 😜

In other news, ignoring the shite that is occurring on a global scale, things in the clan aren't too shabby. My little sis is giving cancer a bleddy good kicking, the sun is starting to make more of an appearance and we had the longest day of the year today - bring on the summer.

The Weedude turns 2 next month. I'm still trying to get a handle on the dad thing and so getting my head around having a 2yr old is just mental. He still gets me up far too early in the morning and I miss the ability to be selfish about how I spend my time but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't return him. Each day is something different. The last couple of days have been all about the sunnies and backpack.

Inside or out, it doesn't matter. I'm guessing in part it's because my nappy bag is a backpack and I'm always wearing sunnies in the sunshine.

Need to get my arse in gear once I'm off work and sort out Kitty (our little folding caravan). I'm sure given a couple of sunny days and I'd have her at 90% sorted but we've neither had the weather or time the last month or so. Once she's sorted and then my little fam will be able to head off for mini-adventures by the coast or lake.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Just a quick update to let you know that I haven't fallen off the planet. Life as a dad is a lot busier than the life of a regular bloke. Money is also a lot flipping tighter.
Still, on the occasional dry and warm(ish) sunday morning, you can't help but love pottering around in the garden in your pyjamas (or baggies in my case). On this particular morning, A came pottering up to me with a shoe in one hand and my woolly hat in the other. Apparently it was time for us to head into the garden for some fresh air (I think it was still early in the morning). A spot of mooching about, playing the previous nights rain and then some chalk-play made for an ace start to the day - I feel I need to add that the chalk doodles you see were not done by the boy.
He's now 20 months old and I'm not quite sure how that has even happened. He's very much his own man (or boy) and wants to be in or on everything. I've always been very physical with him, which on  occasions freaks him mummy out but in a beautiful way, he's becoming quite a bundle of energy. With work etc, there is almost a inverse relationship between how much energy he has and how much myself or his mummy has. I forced myself to the gym last night but by 21:35 I'd pretty much given up and so headed home.

Off to see two of our favourite people this weekend and I'm sure they're going to be shocked by how much A has grown. I don't think it's been all that long since they cuddled the boy but he's shot up in those few months.

The snow has been and gone, the clocks go forward this weekend and apart from a blip in the weather next week, I'm hoping the summer starts soon. Then we'll be at the lake, hitting the beach and generally getting outside.Sunshine and water is always good for the soul.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Our beautiful Tilly died...

I guess if you're not a dog or pet person, then this might miss the mark with you but on Wednesday our 13yr old sprollie dog died. She'd been getting gradually getting slower and increasingly deaf but until the weekend had been in pretty decent health. Sunday night she seemed to be having some odd breathing patterns and by Monday evening we were concerned enough to book her into the vets the following morning. After a few tests, we were told she had pneumonia As such, we assumed (were told it was likely) that after a 24hrs of treatment and antibiotic at the vets, she'd be home with us again for lots of TLC. The next day there was no real improvement and so a different antibiotic was going to be tried (it still sounded as though things would be ok). Then a few hours later I was called to say that things were looking much worse for her. Scrabbling around, trying to get someone to cover me so I could head over to her, I got a final call......I was too late! She'd had a 'fit' and had died.

To say we're all a little lost without her, is an understatement. She gave us so much love and many an adventure. She's been to the French Alps with us, all manners of social and music events (including foreworks - she loved them as a younger dog). She has helped at least 3 children to learn to walk (they used her as a walker). She loved the water (river, lake or sea) but was never a fan of surfing. Canoe or speedboat, she just loved paddling her paws and snapping at the swell. She's helped numerous children and adults alike to get over their fear of dogs. She has been a shoulder to cry on for not only myself and L but even my mum (who is also really going to miss the old girl). Yes, she shed sooooo much hair and would dig holes in the sand behind me as I power-kited (usually resulting in me falling down one) but she was part of out little pack for over 13yrs and so will leave giant hole.

Too many memories to list them all ...