Sunday, February 09, 2014

Seriously, where did the summer go...

We were spoilt with the summer last year and I'm seriously missing the warm afternoons with only the need for a pair of shorts and an impact vest at the lake. Winter hasn't been a particularly cold one but bugger me, it's been wet. The far side of the park by the river Thames hasn't been under less than 2ft of water since the end of 2013. Out for a walk with Ted & Tilly (we now have 2 dogs) and the Thames has increased in size again. Most of the O-Shire seems to be underwater if you're even just in site of a river - link
As I said a second ago, we now have another dog. This is Ted. I'm informed that he is a Cavachon. Unlike Tilly who is an accidental Sprolly (a rescue Spaniel/Collie), Ted is an on purpose mix between a King Charles spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Ted and Tilly get on most of the time now but the initial meeting wasn't a complete success.
In prep for the 2014 wakeboarding season to start, I set-up my new board and bindings. Bindings are bleddy tight but will loosen up after a couple of sessions. The only problem is (a rather large problem) that WMSki aren't opening fully this year. They have moved location but due to some cock-up they're only going to be running a 2.0 system and not the full 5-system. It means no hanging about for the day on a membership but having to book slots and Pay As You Ride....not going to be as easy to sneak a session in after work this time. Think I might even head back for a spot of boat action.
New LF board and old O'B board. Going to lend my O'B board to a friend, so he can give wakeboarding a crack (it just needs a spot of tlc and a repair or two).

Think next week I might give Quayside a go and after that me and a few guys might head over to Liquid Leisure if they ever reappear from the flood water (poor guys).