Monday, February 27, 2017


Do you know, I think it was only the other week that it occurred to me that I'm not only a dad but a dad for the rest of my life. Compared to friends little people, I am pretty sure that my wee-dude is very easy going but I do get the feeling that long lazy days on the sofa or a quick unplanned blast on the lake are a thing of the past. L reminded me that I can't just let any stranger look after the boy while I get on the water. It'll be ok in the summer a Fran can look after the boy for 15 mins or so but in the winter I can't really leave him in the car with the dogs.

L is still on maternity leave (statutory leave) and so money is always a worry but I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash. She hopes to find a new family/position soon but even then, we'll be on a lower joint income and so a few things will have to give - I doubt we'll go on any proper holidays for a while but I'm sure we'll long as the sun appears from time-to-time and I still get to wakeboard etc.

Being a dad is a good crack to be honest. Again, I think I'm getting away with it as l is still breast feeding and so there are many instances (especially in the night) when I'm not the useful parent and so even though I will be awake, I'm not the one who has to get out of bed. I've been a dad for 7-month now and we haven't broken him yet, so I'm calling that a win! Saw a proper new baby the other day and it's bleddy strange to think my boy has already grown so much from those handful of pounds in weight, My role remains the thrower or more physical side of parenting. As such, it's a good job that I've upped my training and shifted towards a more x-training system as he's getting heavier and always wanting to be bounced or thrown is already starting to get harder.

Anyway, this was just a quick update. All is well. I'm a dad. I'm slowly realising the fact.