Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A wet Jubilee...

Well, that's pretty much the Jubilee weekend done & dusted. Got to feel for the guys and girls who had their street parties on Sunday. Wow, it didn't half piss-it down ALL day. We popped out for the bun throwing and James May but after 1hr in the torrential  rain, even with our full wet-gear we were ready to head back into the dry.

Monday was the day we joined in with the celebrations and after a busy day of wakeboarding and generally making the most of the extra day, we headed to the Park for an evening of big screen entertainment with the masses (well, those masses that had bought tickets). It was actually a bloody good evening, with some great entertainment and a fab position in-front of the enormous TV.
The only down-side to the entire weekend has been waking up this morning with a disproportionate hang-over. I can admit that the box of Italian Pink Pinot Grigio was not a good drink choice.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Was that summer...

I think I'm finally shifting the virus that completely knocked me off my feet the week before last but if it wasn't for a little bit of sunshine I caught at the weekend I'd look a complete mess (as it is, I don't look as bad as I can ---- according to Lisa).

Last weekend was a cracker. Didn't have the energy to stay awake much beyond 9pm but a couple of days at the lake were worth the effort.

Off to the lake again later this morning. Still feeling crap and the sun seems to have vanished (rain clouds waiting to hit) but it should be a good session as the winds are pretty light. Lisa is also going to give it another go. She tried the year before last but found her slow progression frustrating.

In slightly related news, I have the Blenheim Tri next weekend. I haven't trained in 2-weeks due to having that bloody virus. I fear next weekend is going to be a painful one. I'm not even sure I remember how to swim!

One video that has been making its way around the net is....

A short film from the locals POV in Croyde, Woolly etc (well done Guardian).