Sunday, March 06, 2016

Past the half-way point....

Things are definitely happening. L is now in her 21st week and the wee-boy is most definitely a boy. L even thought she felt the boy kick this morning but she would like to feel some proper ol' movement just so he's making himself known to her.

At least folk have stopped telling me how my life will end once the wee fella arrives. According to all the inlanders, once the wee-boy arrives I'll have to say g. I'd beg goodbye to surfing, wakeboarding and all those things that keep me sane. I'd beg-to-differ and show you a vid-clip of Cory Lopez with his grommet of a little girl as evidence.

Popped over to Liquid Leisure yesterday and bleddy hell, it was the coldest session of the season yet. Ok, I should have realised it was going to be cold when the air temp was close to zero and the water temp was in the low single figure numbers (4'C?) but the hail storm really took the piss - a giant hail stone to the eye just after hitting a kicker can put a downer on a day. Still, it was great to get wet - always good for the soul.

Oh ye, we went to the Banff Film Festival earlier in the week and saw some brilliant short films. It was the Red film viewing and so the majority of the films shown were land-based and I was surprised how I found myself completely absorbed by a couple of films in particular.

Probably joint favourite film was only 8mins long but was a sad little cracker called Denali. It's on Vimeo and so you'll have to jump over there to check it out (see link). A cheeky surprise to me was Unbranded. Four guys train and ride a dozen mustangs from the Mexican border all the way  up to Canada. It was the abridged version and so I'll definitely be renting the full movie at some point.

Unreal was a cracking mountain-biking film. The footage was just ace and the twist on the filming made it a little extra special.

Pretty Faces was a fab addition to the evening, with the focus being on female athletes. There have been a few viral articles going around about women and the way they're treated in the professional sports environment. This film film looks at Rachael Burks and her dream of Alaska.

There were a number of other cracking little films but if you want to see them, you'd best get your arse in gear a get a seat booked at your closest Banff Film Cinema - LINK