Friday, October 17, 2014


Well, I'm hoping that's me done for the season but I'm just about getting over a bug that has been loitering around the house (and work) for the last few weeks. It first appeared as what I thought was a disproportionate hangover from a few glasses of wine on a Friday night, while having a quiet night in (watching The Arrow). I'd say I'm about 80% back to normal but I unfortunately have the Great West Run (a half marathon through Exeter) on Sunday and I can't say I'm feeling completely up for the challenge but as I've paid for it, I am going to run (man logic for you there).

In other news....the end of the boat wakeboarding season has hit. I missed the last day as I had to cancel my session due to this bloody bug. So, it looks as though I'll be hitting Liquid Leisure again from now until April 2015 (wow, that sounds like a long way off!). At home, we're getting a log stove fitted (once Lisa can decide on the one we she wants), so it's lucky that the weather is a tad mild as we're pretty limited for heating in the house since the original fire was condemned after being removed.

Oh yeh. I've kinda accepted that next year I will be getting older and have started organising something to celebrate ....I might be getting older but there's no way I'm going to be growing up.

Anyway, hopefully the sun will stay out over the weekend and I'll be able to Strava my run to see how pathetic I really was......aChooOOOoo!