Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Over one year old...

Not even sure how this has happened but my wee-dude is now  over 1yr old. It took a lifetime for the dude to join our little family and now he's here, time is just flying by. He's turning into a proper little Weedude and is taking life by the horns - I need to start learning a few things from him. The down-side to this enthusiasm for life, are the number of bumps and bangs he's attracting. In fact, he pretty much has a black eye at the moment, after hell onto a piece of wood he was carrying to him mum yesterday.

Summer has pretty much ended and the days are getting shorter and the start of the day is definitely darker. I missed the last weekend of the season at the lake, as the house was full of the sniffles and temperatures. So sadly, I'll not be behind a boat (unlikely) until April next year - unless the guys at ExeWake are running in the colder month.
I think in the next couple of week the clocks go forward and so we're going to have to cope with a little person that thinks 5am is getting-up time. Pretty sure I'm not going to enjoy that one.

In other news, I have done something I could have never imagined happening. We have acquired a tiny little caravan. It's a 3m folding job and we've called her Kitty. I think she's about 35 or so years old. Very basic and in need of a little love but she has everything we need for 3 of us to sleep in and even room for the dogs if they're not in the car overnight. There is power, gas and even a funny little corner shower if we're willing to give it a crack. I just need to tidy up the electrics, get some gas and we're good to go. In fact, we're off on our first little adventure in her in a couple of weeks. Heading to Woolly for surf, beer and fresh air.

Think that's about it....apart from L being back at work and so the pennies are coming back in.