Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer has almost gone...

Wow, where has the summer gone?
We’ve had a good one to be fair. Since the beginning of June, the lake has been warm enough for boardies and an impact vest, so it’s going to be a shock to the system when temps start to drop and I’ll have to put a wetty on.
Our trip north of the border was a good one. 
Edinburgh was bonkers but I should have realised that as the Fringe was on. Theatrics freak me out at the best of times and so being at the Fringe in August was absolutely mental - Thespians all over the place; each one trying to out-ham the next.
Fort William was more my scene, with more space and some great places to explore. No mountainbiking (as planned) but a brilliantly bonkers hotel and some good walks.
Dumfries was the final destination. Not as mountainous as Fort William but some amazing sights. The place we stayed was a tad weird. Love a spot of caravanning but a friend had arranged for us all to stay on a holiday park and sadly it had no soul….in fact it seemed to have destroyed the village in which it was set. Away from the site and there was a some brilliant mountainbiking, cycling, castles, abbeys and even a spot of wakeboarding at Loch Ken - this setting was just beautiful (the red coloured water did freak me out a bit to start).
Would I go back to Scotland - hell, yes! I just know a few places to avoid now.