Friday, January 22, 2016

Well into January...

Well, I'm not too sure how many of you know but L and me are pregnant. It's going to be a summer baby and we're pretty sure it's a mini-surf dude! It's been quite a battle getting to this point (I'll not bore you) but needless to say that the pair of us are pretty chuffed. I'm still getting my head around the fact that it's actually happening and slowly things are dawning on me - you know, I'll have to share the house with someone else, my pocket money will take a huge hit, I will no longer be the sole focus of L's attention.....the list goes on but I think I'll be able to get my head around most of them.

Already L has informed me that the wee-guy will be too small to either hit the lake or the sea. Apparently I might have to wait a year or so.

This is an old pic but things are looking good and apparently everything is in the right place and the right size. Today he's about 10cm from head to butt, which is spot on!

Anyway, L is doing well. Starting to look proper pregnant and I guess the cheesy word to use would be blossoming. She's obviously not drinking and so my beer intake has taken a huge hit (I had 3 beers all last weekend and that was pushing it).

Off wakeboarding in the morning, so looking forward to getting wet for the first time since the start of the year.

Oh yeh.....I guess I could say that I've eventually started my training again (proper training) and have done a couple of runs longer than 6km. Still need to pick things up but I'm sure I get the distance up as I move closer to my London to Brighton challenge.

I'll keep you in the loop.