Friday, January 27, 2017

Cold January....

Still dadding-on with things and apart from a cold, the wee-dude is getting a long a treat. He's not sleeping well at the moment but if you had teeth growing through and a stinking cold, I think you'd also be struggling.
Past the 6-month mark and so I don't think there's much hope in being allowed to return him - not even sure where I put the receipt.

Christmas 2016 was a decent one, if a little crazy. We had builders in and so we only managed to get a tree 2-days before Xmas and then when we got down to Devon, we found that L's folks had only thrown a bit of tinsel onto a pot-plant and so the lacking of a tree did make things feel a little sad.
The car has always been jammed full of stuff and my sport kit but add in the boys stuff and the inevitable crap you have to travel back home with after the holidays and I'm amazed we managed it in one trip. Glad to say that the wee-dude did get some nice things but we weren't overwhelmed by plastic toys and the like (there was one particularly freaky soft toy but I can't say what happened to that).

It was great to hit Devon and home for a week but we were glad to return home. A little highlight was the Boxing Day wander along Exmouth beach and catching up with my old best friend Nick (he's the chauffeur in the Galaxy advert)  and meeting his fiance (Jasmine - link) for the first time. I think it's fair to say they now live a very different lifestyle to me and L but they are a cracking couple and if we're all ever in the same County again, we'll have to catch up again. Their mini-pack of dogs were also entertaining and I was amazed how my two beasts managed to get on with them so well.

Anyway, it's not 2017 (how the hell did that happen) and January is almost over. I haven't been surfing or wakeboarding yet this year but in part that's not my fault. It's been so cold so far in 2017 that the lakes have all be frozen and so neither cable parks of boats lakes can actually open.

Off to catch up with Ben and Sarah next month and I fear I'll return home with some more ink. Ben is  making moves to becoming a PT/FT tattoo artist and needs more skin to practise on.....we'll see how it goes and/or how many beers I have.

The training is a struggle. Still getting to the gym 2 -3 times a week but it's fecking hard work. Opted to stay on the sofa this evening with a baileys or two (a true man drink), rather than going to the gym - I'll get there tomorrow at some point.

That's a quick catch-up. I'm missing the longer days and sunshine. I'm not getting as much sleep as I once did and getting to the gym seems to be a bigger challenge but things are good.

Arnie and L meet one of F Christmas's reindeer.

The wee-dude is starting to move about.

A spot of coffee back home in Exeter.

Grandma and Arnie.

Tilly has a hair cut.

Beers by the river - Port Royal.


Another doggy haircut.

Christmas day.

Arnies first Christmas scram.

All smiles.

Festive walk.

A spot of festive Jenga.

Festive grandma again.

Whiskey carrying pyjamas.