Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Only a quick update as there are loads of things going on in my busy little life but this is a good-un! Going to be picking him up on Friday but this is my new motorbike. He's already been named as Bumblebee as Lisa thinks he looks like the motorbike version of Bumblebee from Transformers.

I'll let you know how things go but I opted for the MT-03 over a KTM Duke 390 for a few reasons (apart from price).

  1. The exhaust noise the MT-03 makes is so much dirtier (the KTM sounded too polite).
  2. The torque of the MT-03 makes the acceleration through the gears feel a lot quicker (not sure how much faster it actually is). 
  3. The KTM felt a wee-bit small. Lovely to ride and actually felt so light that I could almost compare the feel to a mountainbike - it filtered through static traffic sooooo easily.
  4. I actually love the look of the Yamaha MT-03. To me, it definitely looks like a transformer (the placement of the badges and that tank help).
  5. The steering is heavier than the KTM but the ride feels more 'fun' and edgy.
That's about it so far but I'll let you know how things go.