Sunday, May 08, 2011

20yrs without getting on a racer!
It was the Cotsworld Sprint-Triathlon this morning. As I'm truly crap as being organised I camped-it-up over night at the even and was up bright and early in plenty of time to get to the start line (unlike Paul who literally arrived while all the competitors were in their wetties and at the start line).

Not a bad time (1hr 16mins) but I can see easily where I can make up 5mins or more. Get stuck into the swim (don't wait until almost everyone has started in the belief that they're all faster than you - they weren't & so I ended up fighting my way though all the guys I'd get steam ahead), don't faff in the transitions and if I have the energy to chat as I'm running along then I'm clearly not trying hard enough! Also, the fact that today was the first time in over 20yrs that I've been on a racer bike (in the past I have just used my mountain bikes) I wasn't too much of an embarrassment  - especially as it was wet on the roads. Plus, I didn't take a tumble (like Paul) in the bike dismount area :).

My right leg was a tad dodgy after last weeks half marathon, so I'm glad to see that I now have 3 weekends free of events. The Blenheim Tri is next on the list (start of June) and then the Henley Tri follows after that.