Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thinking of dad...

Do you know, I'm ashamed to say that I forget the actual day and even the year that dad died. We always celebrate his life at the end of June and this weekend we'll be doing it again - heading to Beer for the day, hire a boat, enjoy the sunshine and have a picnic in the bay. He was a great dad (obviously the best) and I miss him every day but I now think about all the great things that he did and how he made me the man that I am (thanks dad).

It's days like this that I think of dad a little more than usual (ignoring the fact that it's the anniversary of his death) as it looks as though Lisa and I are going to have a crack at buying an actual house. We've lived in our little flat for the last 8yrs and I think it's about time that we bought a place with a garden and stairs actually within it.

Dad was great at these sorts of things. I remember buying my first proper car and thought I'd got a great trade-in deal for my car etc. Took my dad the next day and without any effort, he managed to get the price down on the car I wanted and I got to sell my existing car privately .... he saved me about £1,000. He managed the same earlier in my life when I rented my first house at Uni. The man was a bartering legend and I have no idea how. He had a way of listening that just resolved all problems. Full of quiet advice and very worthy tales, he truly was one of a kind. Quietly confident in his own worth and strong beliefs, he made an impression wherever he went (whether you had the same political/social views as him or not).

It's still strange that you can Google Granville Baldwin and you'll find a stack of info about how he was the first Lord Mayor of Exeter (very proud son).

Thanks for being my Dad.....I just wish it had been for a wee-bit longer.