Saturday, September 03, 2016


Wow, I can't believe I've been a dad now for just over 6 weeks and to that degree, that I have a 6 week old boy. He's called Arnie Granville or 'the boy' and is doing great. Lisa had a difficult time of it and was in and out of hospital for a week or so afterwards but like the boy, she's doing brilliantly now.

The birth....Lisa was in labour for 3 days. Induced Saturday morning and eventually taken for an emergency C-section on the Monday afternoon. I've said this to her and anyone else that asks but the strength of mind and body that Lisa showed through out the entire thing was just amazing. I've done Olympic distance triathlons, x-country races and even the odd ultra-marathon but what Lisa did over that particular weekend was inspiring and made my physical challenges look insignificant in comparison.

The boy....well look for yourself. Born on Monday 18th July 2016, he's an absolute beaut.

Anyway, I'll keep this update dad/Arnie related and short. Life is good; I'm back at work sadly and Lisa is doing brilliantly. Apart from being an actual dad, nothing really seems to have changed. The boy is sleeping and feeding well. He has demoted me to a possibly 3rd or 4 position in the household (if you include the dogs) but I think I'm ok with that. I've still been wakeboarding all summer and the boy has even been on a couple of different speedboats already and seemed to find the entire thing very relaxing - fell asleep each time (even in semi-open water). If I'm honest, my training has been hit but that is in part due to the injury I gained during my July ultra-marathon, so I can't really blame Arnie.
All-in-all, keep it to yourself but I think I'm loving being a dad and looking forward to the adventures the boy will bring.