Monday, April 27, 2015

Had a birthday...

So, I've managed to survive another year and I'm now a wee bit older but none the wiser. For the celebrations I (we) headed down to Woolly for the weekend. The plan was to drink, be merry and surf. The sun came out a treat and I can happily say that we managed to do all three (tick, tick, tick!) Arrived on the Friday night and promptly headed to the Barn for a few pints (the slurring began very quickly).

Up and at it on the Saturday to make the most of the sunshine (the surf was flat and so a pasty was the action for the day). The day came and went far too quickly but it was OK as Bar Electric was calling. Before the sun had even thought about going down, we were at the bar and downing the first of many pints (and then of course the compulsory rum). Anyway, the long and short of it was that I drank, made merry with friends and then danced my arse off until we were politely expelled from the which point we all went back to the girls van and continued on the vodka jelly and other drinks (not too sure what it was). It has to be was an excellent birthday! 

Sunday was a slightly tired one but again the sun was out and the surf had picked up. It was a complete close-out and the guys surfing in the comp by the rocks were getting quite a beating but we opted to head in. A few waves were caught but on a longboard it was a tad freaky and so after feeling as though I'd got myself caught out back, I paddled back in and grabbed another pasty.

I arrive at the Barn and ready to drink.

I get my b'day card and the promise of a gift inside make my year (I'll tell you about it in July).


My beloved (and slightly crazy Carla).

Little sis (aka Spud).

Cold weather and wakeboarding....

A slight delay in remembering the publish this post (possibly an age or even lifestyle thing). Should I have posted this at the start of April I would have been saying that it is almost my birthday. Infact, i has now been my birthday and what a weekend it was (I'll post about that later).

So, what have I been up to this winter.....mostly freezing my arse off at Liquid Leisure in the hope that my wakeboarding will actually improve. With water temps just about freezing that guys having to crack the ice in the pool gap, things definitely got a little frigid in the cold months. So cold in fact, that on a number of occasions I was the only one on the water. There is a downside to such temperatures however. The reluctance to try a new trick is always at the back of your mind, as you know that when you get it wrong, the swim to shore is going to be a very cold one. Still, I might not have nailed anything beyond the occasional 360 off the kickers but the water time has helped with technique (a little) and confidence. Thankfully, with the sun starting to come out, the boat lake is now open and so wake-to-wake spins in now the focus.

Cotty is now on-track for his next big-wave adventure (I also have a nice t-shirt & cap)

Colder than it looks.

Tilly chewing , while Ted does a sneak attack.

Back in March I was a little reluctant to take my woolly hat off!

Even the dogs are thinking twice about jumping in.