Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back from the sunshine ....

Our two weeks in Lanzarote were brilliant. The diving was a lot of fun, and the guys and girls at the dive club were very entertaining (thank you Jo for you patience ... especially with my weight belt issues). The surf wasn't anything different (reminded me of Woolly but with a lot of wind and a bloody strong x-shore current) but it was great to get wet in warm water and a great big lump of sunshine. Lisa was a bit jealous of my trips to the north side of the island and so in the second week jump on-board the minibus and had a days surf lessons. She might even now be a convert ... although I don't think she'll be letting go of her bodyboard just yet. The big surprise was finding some very worthy and technical downhill mountain-biking. Only got on a bike for one day but the big downhill we were taken to (down the side of a volcano) was fab; I just wish I had taken my own bike. The only downside to biking on the island would be when you hit the ground, you'd definitely know about it as the entire island is made from sharp volcanic rock.

I guess you could say we had a few drinks but oddly enough the hang-overs were minimal .... apart from the cocktail session that ended at 5.30am!
Now back at home and I've been back to the lake just the once for a spot of wakeboarding. The guys gave me a different board to try out. It felt so much better than the usual board I ride but as it was the first session I've had since f*&king-up my knee and so I was too much of a pussy to go for any real jumps ... I'll try and push it next week when I hit the lake again.