Sunday, September 02, 2012

...end of the Summer.

Bugger, so that'll be the end of the summer then. It's not been the sunniest one but it's definitely had its highlights.

Did the Cotswold Tri this morning, For some reason the weeds freaked me out a tad in the open water swim and it took me a few hundred meters to gain my composure. Still, even taking that faff into account I was pretty pleased with my 1hr 20mins.

Camped over night so I didn't have to rush with the early morning start. My pitch was close to the end of the lake and as a result I have a cracking view of an excellent full (blue) moon (see above). Another

Spotted this great little film on Vimeo the other day....well worth a viewing.

'The Strangest Thing'. A film by Nick Marchant & Matthew Wood. from The Strangest Thing on Vimeo.