Monday, July 30, 2012


Well, we had our 10th wedding anniversary party at the lake. The weather almost conspired against us but I think we got away with it (almost). Most of our friends and family made the journey to come and celebrate with us (thanks guys & girls).
A great time was had by all (even with the slightly damp weather) and the 4hrs of boarding and ringo's went all too quickly. A few folk found a new sport, some reminded themselves how much they enjoy skiing & others realised that being towed by a speedboat really isn't for them. The ringo's were great fun and with a few of the guys being towed, Tom & Chris were really out for blood ....only one of us took a tumble the entire day (congrats on that Tony).
The BBQ was a cracker and much beer & cider was consumed. The only lesser point was trying to organise folk & getting them on the lake on time .... organising adults is hard work - they don't listen :)

A brilliant weekend.

Later in the weekend when most of the guys & girls  had gone, Tom took me out in the boat, while Chris showed me how it should be done .