Thursday, June 30, 2016

3 weeks...

It's gone from 'are we pregnant' to, bloody hell, in 3 weeks I'll be a dad. Am I ready for this......I've been waiting for this to happen for ages but as to whether I'm ready is a completely different issue. Lisa is doing brilliantly and even though she's blossoming (as her girlfriends say) she's getting on with it all like a proper little trooper.

This is the most recent pics of the wee-fella and I have to admit to after seeing this the other week, it really felt as though it was happening. I was present at this scan and by all accounts, apart from the fella being a bit of a brute, everything is looking good at fingers crossed, I'll be seeing the wee-guy in the next 2 or 3 weeks (4 at the most).

Everything is coming together and more of the house is finally getting decorated. The previous owner hadn't really shown the place any love and so even simply painting a wall seems to take for ever and about half-a-dozen coats of paint.

In other news, my ankle is finally starting to feel close to 100% - even managed to run a mile the other day. Summer is struggling to start but the lake is warm enough to just be in a shortie, so it could be worst. The only problem is that with the summer months hitting, Tom loves to get the money in and packs the bookings up with ringo rides and so getting behind the boat is a challenge if I forget to book a slot in well in advance (as I keep doing).

Finally, bugger knows how long it's been since he died (think it's 7) but this Monday was the anniversary of his passing. Really wish he'd managed to hang around long enough to see his grandson but I guess he couldn't help it. Still miss the old sod and he really was the best man I have ever known. When the summer finally hits and we've got to grips with having another member in the house, we will all have to head to Beer (the beach and not the drink) and say 'hi' in a looking to the sea sort of way.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Physical failure...

Well, the London to Brighton run didn't go exactly to plan. I twisted my ankle at the start of the week and even though I was limping around at work for the majority of the week, managed a 5km run on the thursday and thought I'd be able to manage the run. In retrospect, it was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to be able to manage to complete 100km of x-country running on a twisted ankle (I didn't to be a genius to work that one out).
Started the race and all felt pretty good. Running with my little sis was good. She's a much better and faster runner than me. My all-round sportsman approach works well for a spot of fun but puts you at a slight disadvantage when pushing the limit of your physical ability- stupidity will only get me so far!
The first 25km went pretty quickly and we realised that we were overtaking about a ten folk or so every 12km. As we approached the first marathon distance, I did notice that my legs were feeling a much tighter than usual. Sadly as we moved towards the 50km distance my left ankle was completely giving out and the rest of my body was trying to take up the strain. Flats were just about do-able but the hill sections and some of the rough terrain were just bloody painful, I was actually rather happy to reach a rest stop and say goodbye to my little sis.

This was the night before the ultra-marathon and as you can see, the doubt was starting to set in.

Pretty sure this stuff was going to get me through the day.

Little sis (Spud) and me at about the 25km point. Things were feeling ok.

Passing about 40km and my legs were starting to feel very tight. Still plodding along and overtaking a lot of people but I could feel things were not quite right,

My sulking face at around the half-way point. My ankle had given up at this point and all my other joints were now taking  a real pounding. I had to be a sensible grown-up and throw the towel in.

Little sis leaving me at the rest stop......Grrrrr!

I have to imagine why the Police had taped this portaloo off!

With only about 20km to go, the smile of Spuds face was starting to fade. The terrain and hills are really hard going at this point (I recall from the last time I ran and completed the challenge).

My view from Maish's van, as we drive to the finish line.....I'd have rather been running.

We stop for fish and chips on Brighton beach, while waiting for Spud to finish - OK, I wouldn't have done this if I'd not pulled out.

Ankle really starting to swell-up!

Spud finishes in just under 15hours - about 30mins faster than my previous time.

I turned to beer to help my mood.

Ted has also found the weekend very tiring - clearly not use to getting up at 3am for a race start.

Watching the Bali WSl with my foot up ....a tad sore today.

Saying goodbye to my trusted sander. While being unable to train or wakeboard I've been decorating the wee-mans room (nursery) and I fear my sander has had it. Apparently it shouldn't spark while being used!

That weekend went quickly. A spot of fresh air with Tilly and Ted.