Monday, May 22, 2017

10 months of dadlife...

Bleddy hell, I'm still coming to terms with this entire dadding lark. Don't get me wrong; it's a brilliant happening but (obviously) it's a huge life changer.
Summer is about to hit and there are so many things/jobs that I want to get done but days just vanish and weekends just seem to slip away. I get up earlier and seem to go to bed still at the old regular time (most of the time) but the available hours seem to have shrunk. Even the most mundane of tasks now seems to be quite a challenge - hoovering the house now take a modicum of planning, rather than a simple fly around with the vacuum.
On a less boring front, the wee-dude is now 10-months old and has added to the challenge/joys of growing up. He's found his voice and can be VERY vocal when his needs require. Taking him swimming and he needs to make eye contact with everyone and wave at the majority (be be honest, this is the same wherever I take him). He can neither walk or swim but seems to think he can do both. He refuses to sit down for any length of time and always wants to move.
Outside of dadding (not sure there is such a thing now), I'm still managing to get a decent level of training in but my running has struggled to keep up. Wakeboarding is still happening and in fact I'm off to the lake after work (meeting L and the weedude there) for a bit of a rip and then a spot of camp-style cooking. Haven't surfed for a while but getting to the coast is a real challenge at the moment (time and money) but the gym and lake are keeping me sane.
Summer is just around the corner and by all accounts this week is set to be a cracker - which is why I'm at the lake tonight and this weekend.
All-in-all, things are ever evolving but good.