Friday, March 30, 2012

Almost April...

Bloody hell, my last blog entry was saying 'goodbye' to January and already we're looking April in the eye.

So in need of a drink or two tonight but as I'm running the Reading half marathon on Sunday morning, I guess I should stay away from the old falling down water for the next 48hrs. I should give a mate a ring and say 'lets go out and celebrate your birthday' but I just know I'd be in a right mess for the next few days. The last time we hit the liquor hard, I was a broken man for about 7-days.

2 weeks away from the office desk (will have to do a pile of stuff at home) and I'm looking forward to getting a bit of wakeboarding time in. Might pop to Woolie for the weekend and grab Lisa's play-board from the Pink Surf Shop. That way we could both get some wet-time.

Spotted this video the other day ..... thought it worth a look.


Must get the old camera out at some point. The point+shoot needs airing, as do the SLR's and fisheye ...... although I must remember how ££££ it is to develop films before getting all click-happy. Hopefully the sun will come out again later in the week.