Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Goodbye January ...

Bloody hell, January seems to have dragged on something chronic. Struggling (as usual) to fight the need to hibernate for the entire start of the year. Don't mind the cold, it's just something about the season that gets to me.

Haven't surfed yet this year but next weekend I'll be in Woolly for a couple of days and I should be able to get wet .... looking forward to trying out my new Patagonia hood. Wakeboarding was on the agenda but as the weather turned (-5'C) I sort of lost the enthusiasm (shame on me).
For a bit of fun, Lisa and me had a blast on a couple of x-country segways. Wasn't too sure as to what to expect (I did think it was going to be a bit lame) but to my surprise, it was actually  a lot of fun. The standing position was completely alien to me and I wasn't too happy to start with the pulling to the left or right to steer, rather than turning like a bike to change direction but I soon got into it. The highlight or lowlight was confusing the gyro so that it couldn't work out what the neutral point was (I guess I hit too many rocks) and in my attempt to overcompensate for that I was almost thrown off the strange little machine.....excellent fun!

In other news, I'm having another tattoo done this weekend. Unless I change my mind in the chair it's going to go between my shoulder-blades. If I remember, I'll put a pic of the design up next time.