Monday, October 17, 2016

3 months...

Well, I've been a dad for 3 months and both me and the wee-dude are still very much alive. Heading back to work after most of the summer off was a real hit. Think I'm keeping up with things but I am missing hanging around with my little family.

How's the dad-stuff going.....apart from a very small handful of restless nights sleep, the little-man has been a cracker. Lisa does by far the majority of the actual parenting (and obviously feeding) but the  bits I get involved with, I'm not that bad at. Bath-time seems to be the boys favourite and I do that without tears or drowning him. Nappy changing is all good and I'm even alright at switching the reusable ones. My weak spot has to be the simple changing of clothes. With so many poppers (and in some cases old skool buttons), it can be akin to a psych-ed challenge. Also, I'm very aware I have dad-strength and always a wee-bit worried about snapping one of the dude limbs - although I am told (frequently) that the wee-fella is pretty resilient. Outside of the day-to-day stuff, taking the wee-dude swimming is a favourite. Lisa takes him to his weekly swimming lesson but I do get to take him to the pool once a week or so. He's clearly not much of a swimmer at the moment but he loves being flung about, having the occasional underwater adventure but he seems to really enjoy the post swim shower with his dad.

Sadly I'm pretty sure the summer is now over! It's been a couple of weeks since I went wakeboarding and did have to slip on my 3:2 wetty. Still, it was sunny and beautifully flat, so I think I ended the summer season on a high.

Heading down to Cornwall in a few days, for a spot of adventure, wakeboarding and surfing. Hoping that on the way I'll be able to squeeze in a session with the Exewake crew....just so long as the weather allows (don't mind the cold but the wind would really screw things up).
I can't say where we're going as apart from the basic details, it's a secret from Lisa. It should be a good crack though and with a spot of sunshine we might even be able to get out on the kayaks.

That's about it for news and if you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen all the wee-dude pics and stuff. Still, here's a snapshot of life in the last few weeks.

Picked these up at the tattoo convention.

Bath-time with mummy.

I also got an accidental tattoo - I like to think it's a reminder of the treasure(s) I have in my family. Going to let Ben colour the leaves in.

Always a good (if drunken) night out with Ben,

Ben sucking up a spot of culture.

Yep, Ben also got inked.

Would love this deck.

The convention.

Daft time with the wee-dude.

That'll be Patrick the rabbit.

What a cracker!

Some fab little faces.

Shower-time with dad.

The boy loves a spot of speedboat time (I'm on the rope).

Family smile.

Feeling  a bit peckish. THink I'll munch down on the boy.

A beaut of a day for my last session at the lake.

Watching the WSL with the wee-dude on a Saturday morning.

Bath time.

Knee time.

Car time.

Morning time.

Bed time.