Saturday, April 28, 2012

Christened 2012...

Yay, not only is the lake all sorted for the anniversary weekend but I got wet for the first time this year. OK, it wasn't the best session and  there was no sun to speak of but the rain did stay away and the wind wasn't too crazy.

Another year older...

Had another (numberless) birthday last weekend. Charged down to Woolly in the hope of catching a few waves and sinking several pints of the wet stuff. Only managed 50% of the to-do list sadly.
The wind was far too brisk to make the most of the slight swell that was coming through. The BLU guys still put on their competition but they paddled out in some pretty crappy conditions.

Lisa and me (with Tilly the dog) sat on the beach (by Mill Rock) and watched the riders trying to make the most of the conditions. The sun came out and out of the wind it wasn't such a bad day to be on the beach.

The lake is now open and I need to head over to check things out, see who's riding (might even get in myself if the rain can stay away long enough) and book the lake for our anniversary party .... hopefully we can book it as planned, otherwise the weekend will have a significant part missing.

Oh yeh, almost forgot. The Reading Half Marathon went well. Not bad weather and by the half-way point the sun had come out and things had warmed up nicely (too warm for some). Out of the guys I was running with, I crossed the finish line second (1:46), followed by Westy, Pearce, Lisa and then Kim. As usual, Barney beat me but this time by only a minute or so .... either I'm getting faster or he's been eating too many cakes and is slowing down.