Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this summer ..... it's becoming quite the norm to get bloody lovely weather in April, only to find that the summer ends up on the wet side of shiny!
Lisa, me and Tilly are heading off to Exmoor (well, the edge of Exmoor) for 4-days later this afternoon. The plan is to get some proper outside time, with a spot of surfing mixed in!
My tattoo has settled in well and it's ace having some ink that was specifically sketched for me, with bits about me, Lisa and even Tilly in it!
Really looking forward to the summer hol. Doing our PADI, a spot of 'nice' mountain biking, a Spa (Lisa's idea for me to do it as well); Lisa is planning on doing morning yoga and I'm going to be surfing in-between it all.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yay, a spot of sunshine!

After last nights mid-week drinks I think hitting the gym this evening is going to be a struggle. I'm even struggling to get changed and take Tilly out for a walk in the lovely sunshine. I think it could be the fact that I just need to survive 'til the end of the week and then we're off to Exmoor for a few days (staying in a cottage & not camping) for some fresh air and a couple of dashes to the beach if the surf and sun make a decent appearance.

The  re-launch was a cracking weekend. Lisa and me didn't arrive 'til late in the evening (M4 was jammed) but we still managed to pack the drink in, meet with friends and have a lot of fun - Lisa was a tad confused when the bar was found to be closed at about 12.30am. Trev looked seriously chuffed that so many guys & girls had turned up to help get the party started.

Also, after catching up with Jojo at the weekend I think we're going to give NASS a go this year. Lisa and me went to Wakestock last year but it's a bloody long way to go for a Saturday & Sunday - I loved the wakeboarding though!

Bring on  the summer ...