Friday, April 26, 2013

A winding and a popped shoulder....

You can't beat a sport with the added risk of injury. I'm trying to think which (if any) of my chosen sports have a low risk aspect to it....nah, can't think of any!
My wakeboarding session on Wednesday was a good-un but I did hit the water hard off the kicker (and decided that impact vests are a worthy bit of kit) and then a little later some poor guy got it a tad wrong and popped his shoulder - I don't think his wetty will have survived the ambulance trip to hospital (ouch).
From next week my work ethic could take a real kicking as the lake is open 7-days a week. For the last couple of weeks I have been restricted to Wednesdays only but so long as I don't have a meeting I could end up spending far too much time in the water from Monday :)

So....have I made the right decision about switching from boat to cable - I think so :) The only down-side I can think of so far (apart from my kit getting all scratched-up) is that the kit shop has some fab stickers and I might buy so many that my car turns into one big sticker.

Oh's only a matter of weeks until my 100km run. Got my start time and my gun fires off at 6am. That means that I'll have be be at the start-line at 5am and so will have to be on the road to London (thank you Lisa for being my chauffeur) from about 3:30am. It's going to be hard going as that means I'll be working on the Friday, head home, pack, have a bit of food, a kip and then into the car's going to seriously mess with my body-clock.

Going to go for a run in the morning.....

My mind keeps thinking about mountainbiking and Scotland in the summer. OK, this is Wales and not Scotland but I hope I find the balls to even fly half as high as these guys.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's all gone cable...

After the usual amount of faffing I decided to give cable a go this year and have joined the WMSki guys at the lake. So far I am loving it. It's a different style of wakeboarding (a bit like street-skating v. half-pipe skating) but I'm already hitting two of the sliders/ramps and starting to feel good about the place.

The guys and girls who run the lake seem spot-on and I'm not just waiting for the sun to shine - it almost did this weekend!

In other news, my London to Brighton run is only a month away. Had a dip in the training for the last couple of weeks due to far too much Mount Gay Rum with the guys in Woolly and then a man-cold (possibly due to too much Gay Rum). Back to it again now and with the wakeboarding I'm finding myself to be pretty much stiff from toe-to-head.
Am I getting nervous .... hell yes! It's all starting to feel a tad real. Five 1/2 marathons in one go is really going to be hard work (duh, really!). I know (I think) that I can do it but I'm not too sure of the condition I'll be in as I arrive in Brighton later the same day.

As a final thought. My thoughts are with he guys and girls who were caught up in the Boston Marathon madness yesterday. Sport is historically know as an olive branch across all aspects of the modern world and to find it at the bloody-end of such a horrific act is terribly saddening.