Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Easily distracted...

Finding everything very distracting at the moment. Off to see the bone marrow folk in the morning for the last batch of blood tests to ensure that I'm still all good and healthy. The blood package arrived over the weekend and it looks as though the guy/girl I'll be helping is a Dutchie.... my bloods will head over to a doc in Amsterdam. This is all very cool.

The running and training isn't going so well though. I'm worried about getting a cold and screwing things up but I need to get to grips with things and hit the gym. I'll run that way tonight.

In slightly more random news, I'm starting to become very aware of the fact that this weekend is going to be the last wakeboarding weekend at the lake until April next year. I'm going to have to start hitting the coast again for surf. Oddly I haven't hit Woolly all that often this year and instead have spent more time at the lake. Although I'm loving this river surfing lark ... trying to think of the closest river that could make trying thins actually a possibility.

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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Bone Marrow match...

Just a quick update to keep you in the loop. As well as deciding to run the equivalent of two and a half marathons in a single day (to raise funds for hospiscare - click here to support me) earlier this week, I have just found out that I am a match for someone who needs a batch of healthy bone marrow. Off to get the final session of blood tests done on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it just confirms the match and then I can get to helping someone out.

Getting my head about the run was distracting me already, so the very cool news that I could help someone with my bone marrow is mind-boggling.

Anyway, need to head over to Hospiscare to collect a training t-shirt and say hi to teh fab folk over there.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


OK, I like to push myself from time to time but I think this is going to be my biggest challenge to date. In May next year I'm going to be running from London to Brighton in under 15hrs. That's 2 and a 1/2 full Marathons or 5 1/2 Marathons in one go.
I've been running 1/2 marathons for a few years now (did the Great West Run about 5yrs ago as a challenge) but 13.1 miles is as far as I have ever run - in training I rarely run over 5 miles.

I'm not just doing this as a challenge but also as a way to help out Hospiscare. Hospiscare are the guys and girls who looked after dad through out his years fighting against cancer(s) and then the people who in his last moments of life helped us let him go. They will always have a place in my heart and an organisation I will always have time for.

My JustGiving site is here - nickruns100km

I'll let you all know how I get on and I'm even thinking of adding a few vlogs.