Wednesday, June 08, 2011

F*%ked my knee-up ...

What a crappy weekend! My mum came for a visit (not the reason for the crappy weekend) and to watch me do the Blenheim Triathlon. She arrived on the Friday and so I thought it would be cool to take her to the lake and watch me doing a spot of wakeboarding. The sun was out, the lake was calm and I was feeling pretty confident! Strapped on a board and jumped into the lake ..... on my first jump, I took air and landed very badly ( my own fault). My knee twisted in one direction and I twisted in the other - the result now is a quality limp and the inability to walk without a crutch! So, not only did I need to go to A&E (minor injury unit) on a sunny Saturday but I couldn't do the Blenheim Tri on the Sunday .... Grrrrrr!

Oh yeh ... we're not getting one of Scooby's pups. Probably for the best but that plan was also scupper'd!

AND .... got a speeding ticket (or rather 'intention to prosecute' letter) though the post from my brief surfing adventures into Wales the other weekend. Spotted the sneaky little bugger (speed unit van hiding being a bush on a bridge) but obviously a wee bit late!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another dog ....

Lisa and me are trying to work out whether to add dog #2 to our lives. Tilly has been with us now for over 6yrs and like anyone else out there, she has become a center-point to our lives. My little sisters dog (Scooby) has just given birth (she had a very hard time and lost one pup) to three healthy puppies - 2 girls and 1 boy (brown head and brown spots on back). Sis has offered us the boy.
The pair of us have shot wildly between 'yes' and 'no' over the last few weeks and to start with I was against the idea but now I almost get the feeling that I'm more pro-pup than Lisa is.

Mmmmm, what to do? They're only 5-days old at the moment, so we have a few weeks to decide.