Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Jaxon Surfboards...

The other week I spent 5-days in Cornwall making my own surfboard. It was a proper little treat and something that without help from friends and family I wouldn't have even considered doing.

Wow, it was fun. Hard work and I made a few mistakes (thanks to Jaxon for helping me rectify them) but to end up with a proper custom board at the end of it was amazing. Also, Lisa managed to tag along and so ended up having a very relaxing mini-holiday.

I went for a blue/bronze burnt-through effect. I was tempted to play safe and just go for a dip or single colour but decided to push things a bit and went for a 2 colour look. It looks pretty grungy (in a shiny way) but will look fab in the water. As it's based on my original surfboard (see first pic below), which was shaped in 1980, it's a bit of a line cruiser but I'm hoping it'll ride like a beaut!

The board I based my board on, Shaped by Mac in March 1980.

Lisa makes herself at home in the bovy (small but cosy).

Pretty pleased with my shape.

Lisa pops in to check on my work.

First glass coat - blue.

Second glass coat - bronze

A spot more sanding.

Old v New.

Jaxon and me having a moment.

My logo - it's a copy of one of my tattoos.