Friday, March 25, 2011

Hate being ill!

Thank f*%k it's the end of the week. It' actuually been a pretty short 'working' one but flipping heck it's been a hard one. Should have run the Reading Half on Sunday but was in no condition to be leaving the apartment, never mind running 13 miles. A tad gutted, as I was planning on using the run as a training session to help with the GWR atthe beginning on May. I'll have to put the effort into running 13 miles another weekend, with out the motivation of being surrounded by hundreds of other runners.

No real plans for this weekend apart from taking it easy! Next weekend I'm in Woolly (need to get down pretty dam fast on Friday night) for something special happening with Trev and Eyeball ... as usual trev has been a wee bit secretive about what his re-launch actually include - although the new graphics on his van give a few big hints.

Must also throw an email in the direction of the lake guys, to find out when wakeboarding starts up again. It's usually around Easter that things start up again but when with the Royal wedding etc, I don't really know what's going on with holidays and weekends. Still, I'm really looking forward to strapping on the old impact vest again.

A bottle of wine will help me feel better ...... I just know it will!