Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Need to get wet...

Think I'll give WMSki a crack next month. My lake (I know it's not my lake) doesn't open until April and Tom is away on his travels, so I'm not going to get any boat time for another couple of months.
Rather than MiltonKeynes cable park, I have only just realized that WMSki is only about 35-miles away ..... I could be there in less than 60-mins.

In other news, my ankle is still a tad swollen and sore. Been laying-off the old training for the last few days in the hope that when I hit the gym tomorrow it'll feel a load better....it just feels weak and I'm a tad freaked that I'll go-over on it again.

On the running-front, the hotel is booked in Brighton for my London to Brighton Challenge. I'd love to get into Brighton in time for a beer but the closer I get to the 100km challenge I get, the more I fear that a pint might not be on the top of my 'to-do' list .... which is why we have booked a hotel in case I am in serious need of a bed.