Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Only weeks to go...

Things are starting to feel very real now. L is 32 weeks pregnant and although it might sound daft to say so, she is looking proper pregnant (with only a matter of week remaining). She's still feeling pretty good and in my opinion is looking very good. Her only issue is working too hard during the day but she's not someone who you can tell what to do, so on the whole you have to leave her to it.

We're still playing around with names but I think we're 90% sorted. Although I guess we'll have to wait until the wee-fella makes his appearance before seeing if it suits.

It's amazing that we've gone from the tiny guy in the bottom shot (is he on a tiny surfboards?) to the 4lb+ boy you can see in the upper shot.

L having a rest.

L testing out her new garden strimmer.